Tips to Increase Your Instagram followers

To help you gather more on Instagram followers, you simply have to engage in the following.

  1. Make your profile look stunning

To become famous on Instagram, you should rather focus on the quality of the photos rather than uploading too many pictures in a few hours. Your photos should be worth looking at. Better use some good filters, and try to be good at using Photoshop. You can make your photos look mesmerizing, using these tricks.

  1. Make your account public

Don’t make your account private. People other than your friends would not be able to look at your photos. Making your account private would make you lose your followers, even before people look at your account.

Making your account public would allow people, who are not your friends, to peek into your account and if they find it interesting, surely, they are going to follow you.


  1. Follow as Many people

Follow as many people as you can, it will rather increase your followership. When you follow people whom you don’t know, they get interested in you, and upon considering your account, they will probably start following you. On an average for every three people you follow, you are likely to get one of them following you.

  1. Use creative and exciting tags/geotags

Use only popular and trending hashtags. Hashtags are theme-based, and using popular hashtags might make other people searching for a similar hashtag, land on your account. And, if they like your photos they might start following you. Using this method, you can get many followers in a short interval of time.

  1. Connect your Instagram account to your Facebook page

Link your Instagram account to your Facebook page. It would make your Facebook friends know about your presence on Instagram, and they would follow you. You should also follow your Facebook friends. It would make your followership grow rapidly.

Advertise and promote your Instagram account on other social media sites like Pinterest, Twitter, etc.