How to Fund your Startup Business from Scratch

It is no longer news that funding remains a perennial issue facing young entrepreneurs in their businesses. Whether you are at your idea stage or you are trying to scale your business to the next level, a lack of adequate funding may limit the extent to which you can execute

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study better

3 Effective Techniques That Will Make You Study Better

The first time I felt like a failure was my first year in secondary school. Topping a class of 15 pupils in primary school didn’t prepare me for a class of over 200 students. BODMAS didn’t fully prepare me for algebra. I wasn’t prepared for introductory technology or business studies.

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finding the balance

Finding The Balance: Talent, Passion, and Career.

A life lived without happiness is a life full of frustration, depression, dissatisfaction etc. It is not a life lived at all. Hence, all human beings are striving to find ways to live happier lives, to find the source of all life’s joy, happiness and peace. All true happiness in

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Social Isolation and Weight Management

Even as a Dietitian and Nutrition Analyst, I always take great care when I talk to people about their weight and it’s management. Why? Quite simple. We live in a day and age where your words no matter how sincere they may be, can be misconstrued as “body shaming.” The

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Adulting: The Next Big Thing?

It’s not like we planned it. Really if anyone had warned me about how bitter-sweet adulting would be, I just might have taken time out to enjoy being in my baby and teen stages. However, here we are and if wishes were horses, we’d all be on Forbes list, wouldn’t

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daily routines

How to Develop Daily Routines for Successful Outcomes

The secret of successful people is in their daily routines. It has been said that if you can show me what you do everyday, I can predict your future. Successful outcomes are products of what you do everyday. A daily routine is all about the disciplined use of your time in

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