Ladies it is important that no matter how much you love someone, you should not give up your dreams for them or follow theirs because you are afraid to lose them. If someone truly loves you then he should love you for who you are and respect your dreams, which means your dreams and aspirations should also be included in his dreams. He should not put you in the position where you have to choose between him and your dreams, because it is not love but control.

He should support and let you be the best you can be and attain the heights you dream of without feeling the sense of jealousy or possessiveness. Trust me ladies, no man is worth giving up your dreams for despite how much you two love each other unless his dreams are the same with yours because over time when love is not enough, you are going to find yourself in a miserable state, sad and unhappy with life and you would despise the one you love for this and blame him for not letting you achieve your dreams.

Beware ladies, do not let a man coerce you into believing that his dreams are yours because he says he loves you, as over time when the chips falls where they may, you would end up regretting the decisions you made and become unhappy while the man is happy and living his dreams.

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Just remember you are strong, courageous, brilliant and smart enough to handle anything that life and love can throw to you and you should not give any man the sole power to dictate the shape of your life no matter your regards for his feelings or opinions towards you. This is so that if you fail or things don’t go according to plan, you would not blame someone else especially the ones you love and end up hating or despising them for your failure or shortcomings but rather accept the responsibility and find a way to move forward to get a better future.

Love yourself and be happy because nobody can achieve that for you except you. Do not change yourself for anyone, rather you can refine yourself and compromise on some of your values to accommodate the needs and values of your partner as long as you are comfortable with your decisions.


Author: Victor