Dubot is a graphical illustrator and freelance artist. He is a graduate from the department of fine and applied arts in the prestigious University of Nigeria, Nsukka, started drawing at a tender age. He would watch people draw and then he would go home to practice what he had learnt. As he grew older, he got more exposed to internet and the digital world that he started working on his anatomy, YouTube videos and all that was available. He was able to pick up a style different from other artists and his goal is to make his own art style and art movement.

Some of his artworks, more on his instagram page.


Full name: Ezeugwu Chidubem kelvin

Art name: Dubot

IG handle: Dubot_art 



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poke poke

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Poke! is a social network that features a fun live feed of what’s going on around your school campus, allowing students connect and share without having to reveal their identity.
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Welcome to the new social media. Poke for the fun of it! ☺


Dutch is an upcoming clothing brand that seeks to up the fashion game in Nigeria, it’s a brand for both sexes. We deal in luxury items, clothes, shoes, bags, belts etc.

Dutch Clothingdutch

Our pieces range from 1500 naira upwards. See more stuff on twitter @estakeen


Palace Bar

Cocktail at its delight!
Palace bar the first mobile bar in Nigeria. They make cocktail, mocktail, and cafe drinks too. Don’t forget to try their wildberry smoothie anytime you catch them anywhere. You can also book them for your events. they’ve gat your party, wedding, mellow vibes. *We serve you like you are the king because at our Palace, you are the King.* their drink policies are the best. Why is there a party if there’s no drink. But Palace Bar got that covered.
Book them Now:
Classy Bartender: 08164983812
Manager: 08025481841
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