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"I'm Obi Chidubem Millicent, a law student at the University of Nigeria Enugu campus(UNEC). Creativity is everything to me and that is why I ventured into making the things I make. I basically make anything from everything. So far, I have launched denim skirts, leather skirts gladiator sandals, bandanna tops, leather knapsacks, bandanna knapsacks, leather purses, fur purses, bandanna purses, lace bralets and very soon, I will be launching my bikini collection and bath robes. I intend to do a lot more as time goes on. I'm here to offer to the general public bomb outfits from the least things you have in your wardrobe. I mean who ever thought bandanna's could be made into clothes? Also, I'm bringing to the public fashion in all its shades and of course an end to every wardrobe disaster. All my designs are thought of and done by me. So I frown at all forms of copyright infringements. My brand(The Druntivity Creakard) is one that is different from all other fashion brands."



"I am a graphical illustrator and freelance artist. I am a graduate from the department of fine and applied arts in the prestigious University of Nigeria, Nsukka. I started drawing at a tender age, I would watch people draw and then go home to practice what i had learnt. As i grew older, i got more exposed to internet and the digital world that he started working on my anatomy, YouTube videos and all that was available. I was able to pick up a style different from other artists and my goal is to make my own art style and art movement."

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