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How to Innovate Your Business and Get Funded | Online | September 25th

N5,000 ($10 USD) Each

Saturday, 25th September, 2021

11 am – 2 pm WAT


Innovation Event

Are you looking for a better way to improve your products and services so you can attract and retain more customers? 

Are you looking to make your business more valuable so you can attract and secure funding to scale your business?

Register for this innovation workshop to learn how you can improve the value of your business, get more customers and secure funding to scale your business. 

You’ll learn a practical, proven and tested approach to grow revenue by optimizing your business value for your customers. 

About the Instructor

Victor Ukachukwu is an innovation leader currently working in the tech industry with over 4 years experience in innovation consulting, strategy and product management.

He holds a mMBA in Innovation Management from Tekedia Institute, Boston USA.

He is highly experienced in full-service product development, beginning with research and strategy, all the way through to development and implementation.

At the earlier stages of his career, he worked with Unilever as a brand ambassador working on the penetration of innovative products. He has worked with and has been mentored by some of the most renowned innovation experts and product managers in the world.

He has been internationally recognized multiple times for his innovative solutions. He was selected by the United Nations SDSN as top 50 youth Innovators for the SDGs in the world. He was featured in the global Youth Solutions Report for 2020.

He is a Young Innovation Leaders Fellow and also a Yunus & Youth Global Fellow.

In this workshop, we'll show you…

  • Why innovative thinking is essential to the growth of your business in today’s economy.
  • What the innovation process is and how to apply it efficiently to create more value for your customers. 
  • How to transform your business into a value creating machine by adapting an innovation culture within your business.

By registering for this workshop, you'll also get access to…

  • Valuable business support and coaching for your business for one month after the workshop.
  • Funding and growth opportunities to scale your business.
  • Free brand storytelling and marketing to help make your business more visible.

This workshop is for you if…

You feel like you can do more for your customers, generate more revenue and access funding to scale for more impact but you don’t know how. 

In this workshop, you’ll get practical actionable steps and guidance afterwards that will put you on the path of mastery towards becoming an innovative entrepreneur.

And as a live participant, you’ll also get a few special gifts from us to help you continue creating new or improved products and services that your customers really want.

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This workshop enlightened me and gave me the necessary tools to understand and apply the principles and process of innovation, as well as the practical approach to creating MVPs. It's been a game changer considering the positive feedbacks I have received since learning and applying this new knowledge.
Victor Ayedun
COO/Cofounder Dawih Solutions