Poetry Thursday Love Might Be Blind - Vivian Wade

Love might be blind, but it’s not deaf
Is what my dear husband has said,
He claims my snoring is so loud,
It’s enough to wake up the dead.

He’s made some outlandish statements,
That my snoring is like a truck’s roar,
Causing the windows to rattle and shake,
And like an earthquake shaking the floor.

He’s tried every devise on the market,
To dull all the noise that I make,
(though I’ve never heard myself snore)
But he swears it keeps him wide awake.

I’ve also tried different inventions,
Which promises my snoring to stop.
There were sprays,plasters and masks,
None worked, wont buy more from the shop.

Love might be blind, but it’s not deaf,
Though we married for better or worse;
Never expecting it to be this worse,
For loud snoring can be such a curse..

He’s resorted to a drastic measure,
A sleeping pill at night he does take,
But sleeping deeply, he’s begun to snore
Now his snoring keeps me wide awake!

Author: Chikezie Iroegbu