How Your Eating Habit Affects Your Productivity

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The likely question that may be going through your mind right now is “Can my diet really affect my productivity?.” Well the correct answer is a resounding YES!

In my 3 years of practicing as a Registered Dietitian, I have come across a series of episodes on this topic during consultations with my clients. So it’s not surprising to me when I get the question often. Many people don’t really know their diet plays a pivotal role in the way their day turns out. More often than not, they attribute a bad day at the office to stress, a not-so-nice boss, or the regular “I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.” While all these can in one way or
another affect your productivity at work, you also need to factor in your diet.

A Brief Story

Two years ago, I had a client that was referred to me by a doctor friend. She was prepping for a minor surgery so she was advised to shed off some weight.

After about 30 minutes into the consultation, our conversation drifted to her performance at work. According to her, she got easily fatigued on some days at work. And that was when she amassed some unhealthy weight.

Probing her further revealed she would skip breakfast to beat the early morning traffic. When work gets too tedious, those days, she would snack heavy sugar pastries and drinks since she could not leave her work desk.

This continued for a couple of months until she got used to the unhealthy snacks at work avoiding healthy whole meals altogether. In the end, she attributed the unhealthy weight gain and fatigue at work to stress.

We Are What We Eat

The truth is we are what we eat. What you give your body is what it works with. This means, your diet has a more direct impact on work productivity than you realize. It’s simple biology!

During work times, people tend to rely mostly on processed foods a lot. This can lead to imbalanced blood sugar levels. It can encourage energy slumps and fatigue during the day. This also has the potential to limit productivity.

Eating this type of diet can also encourage weight gain, which not only contributes to fatigue but also impacts on self-esteem.

Your mood at work is also affected by how you eat which will make doing your job more difficult. Skipping meals and dosing up on sugary snacks and drinks is likely to also zap you of energy.

Poor nutrition can also contribute to poor mental health, especially in people who may already be diagnosed and may worsen when you’re not eating well.

Your productivity is fueled by the energy supply from the food you eat. To have a productive year, you need to prioritize your diet and the quality of food you eat. This will increase the
energy available to get more work done for a longer period and keep you healthier too.

Make a Choice to Eat Healthy This Year

As the new year begins, it’s important to look at ways to boost your productivity and achieve important milestones this year. Many factors can affect your productivity at work but changing your eating habits can be a good place to start if you want to perform at your peak.

In this article, you have discovered how your eating habits play a major role in determining how you perform at work on a daily basis. So, how are you going to eat differently this year? Share your answer in the comment section.

In my next article, I’ll be sharing with you tips on how to help with your productivity at work. Until then, stay healthy and stay safe.

Cheers to a productive year!

If this article was useful to you, you can share with someone that needs to read it too. Kindly share any feedback or questions you may have in the comment section. Thanks.

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Obinna is a Registered Dietitian and content creator. A graduate of Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Nigeria. He is also interested in tech and writing.

Obinna Ugochukwu

Obinna is a Registered Dietitian and content creator. A graduate of Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Nigeria. He is also interested in tech and writing.


Taiwo Adebisi · January 23, 2021 at 8:29 am

This cannot be more true!

I have known for a long time that my diets affect my productivity. I am a remote developer that doesn’t like to spend time in the kitchen so half of my meals are quick food, processed etc.

Another really important point I would add to this is, deciding what to eat can be really brain draining sometimes.

One would spend hours trying to figure out what is healthy, tasty to eat, and not boring (that is, I haven’t eaten it in a while).

It becomes exhausting for me that I end up taking what is easiest and fastest. To take this even further, I have used up a lot of brainpower to decide what to eat.

How can I make an appointment with you?

    Obinna Ugochukwu · January 23, 2021 at 8:55 am

    Hey Taiwo

    Thanks for your comment.

    I get similar complaints from working from home professionals. But the good news is that we can work our way around it.

    You can send me a message on LinkedIn so we can schedule an appointment.

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