How To Develop a Top-notch Personal Brand

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There’s never been a time to become a more valuable person than we are presently in. The world is changing so fast because of technology and it’s not going to slow down anytime soon. The global market place is becoming more and more competitive. Machines are also competing for the little space available. It’s really a time of massive change.
However, this change brings with it unprecedented opportunities for those that can make very smart moves. What this means for you is that you can earn more income than you are currently earning. The key lies in your personal brand. The unique value you have to offer and how well positioned you are to maximize opportunities.
Sagefour has put together a brief list of things to help you develop a top-notch personal brand.

Become grounded in your craft

If you are not sure about your craft, then you need to take yourself on a journey of discovery. Becoming a person of value starts with self discovery. You have to develop a certain level of clarity and awareness about who you really are, what you want and what you can actually do. The knowledge, skills and experiences that you have acquired are very relevant. You should also pay attention to your gifts, talents, strengths, interests and things that you have genuine passion for.
Your gifts are things that come naturally to you- things you can do best with the least amount of effort. This is where your intelligence shines through. By professionalizing your gifts and talents, you make yourself really valuable.

Choose your niche carefully

Build your craft around what makes you valuable. Your personal value makes you unique and gives you a strong identity. Being clear about your personal value makes it possible for you to skillfully deploy your craft in an area of need.
Research for problem areas with high priority that are compatible with your personal value and specialize there. The highest paying professions and businesses provide specialized solutions to high priority problems.
Now, that you are grounded in what your personal brand is, you can now go ahead to grow, share and position yourself to access opportunities.

Grow your value

You have to become so valuable in your niche that people cannot ignore you. Each person begins their journey to becoming valuable with a limited amount of knowledge and skills that can benefit others. But as you sharpen yourself through learning, you become more valuable. Learning makes you better at delivering value. The more knowledge and skills you acquire that can be applied to solving real world problems, the greater will be your rewards and the more you’ll be paid.
You can acquire relevant knowledge and skills through books, online and offline courses, seminars, events, etc. By all means, become a learning machine by giving yourself to non-stop learning and growing.

Build your social capital

Now that you have a well-defined value that you are nurturing, you have to connect with other people. Join an ecosystem that will facilitate your growth and success. Networking with other valuable people provides a platform for you to learn from them and connect with relevant opportunities. Look around you and find the best people in your niche to connect with. However, don’t limit your connections to people in your field. You have to also build a diverse network for a wider range of access.

Start solving problems

Develop a reputation for solving real world problems. Put the things you learn to practice and grow your mastery. You also need to provide informational value leveraging social media. Sharing useful ideas and information with people will position you as a thought leader in your space. Don’t worry you are gaining experience and building an excellent portfolio. Look for opportunities to volunteer and offer your value for free. Be sure to collect feedback from others in your space to help you improve and become better.

Become a brand

Your consistency will create space for you.
Take the initiative to package your value and offer it at a price. Your personal brand refers to the value that you bring to the market place. It has to do with the way people experience you. Your brand can only be respected to the extent that you market it.
You have to position your brand properly in the global market so you can trade your value globally. Technology and globalization has provided this generation with better ways to add value on a larger scale. So, leverage technology to sell your value at scale.
Use story telling techniques to share your story on the right platforms. Become so good and consistent at sharing your story with the world that you become recognized as a thought leader and an authority in your field.


The more valuable you become, the more attractive you would be in the market place. The more attractive you are in the market place, the more money you attract. Don’t just be valuable, be visible. Package your value and put it where your customers and clients will see it. Become so valuable that you cannot be ignored.
If you have some additional tips to share, we’d be glad to hear from you. Kindly share in the comment section below.

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Head of content at Sagefour. He is interested in: Technology, Media, Startups, Education and Africa.

Clinton Ukachukwu

Head of content at Sagefour. He is interested in: Technology, Media, Startups, Education and Africa.


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