Is Virtual Reality really this real?

virtual reality



Virtual reality is a form of technology which creates computer generated worlds or immersive environments which people can explore and in many cases, interact with.

There has been a lot of buzz recently around its potential as a new hardware device and software platform. The technology, which immerses the user in a computer-generated simulation of an environment, projects highly visual imagery in full 3D.

In many ways, this technology has far more possibilities than originally thought. But it is important not to confuse fact with fiction. Whilst virtual reality may appear a futuristic concept which dwells in the realm of science fiction it is, nevertheless, a very real form of technology. And this real form of technology has the potential to deliver real-world benefits to a great many people.

Virtual reality has its advocates and opponents which are mainly due to a lack of understanding about this technology and its capabilities. Unrealistic expectations coupled with lack of awareness regarding technical limitations means that for many people, virtual reality is difficult to grasp or even take seriously.

It is considered to have wide ranging benefits for the healthcare sector but, it can be used in other sectors as well which include:

    • Education


    • Gaming


    • Architecture


  • The military

Post By: Chinedu Ukoh

Author: Victor