Beats studio 3 review: What you’ve been waiting for.

       Beats Studio3 Wireless Review

Beats Studio3 Wireless, which costs$350 (£300, NAIRA126,000). Comes with Apple’s W1 chip makes pairing with Apple device dead simple. Performs well as a headset for making calls and stacks up well against competing models from a sound standpoint.

Earpads are slightly softer, which makes the headphone a touch more comfortable, but that’s about it. The beat has completely redesigned the DNA of this headphone, with not only new drivers but new circuitry that includes Apple’s W1 chip found in other Beats wireless headphones- the POWERBEATS3 WIRELESS, the BEATsX, the SOLO3 WIRELESS and the Apple’s AIRPODS.

The new chip makes connecting the headphone to Apple devices dead simple and aslo helps deliver better battery life. which is now up to 22hours with wireless and noise canceling on, double that of the previous model. The Beats Fast Fuel feature gives you three hours of playback from just 10 minutes of charging.
The headphone works with non-Apple Bluetooth audio devices


The new upgrades here are the sound quality and noise canceling. CNET official compared this new Studio Wireless to the older version and this model sounds slightly cleaner, with better bass definition and a bit more natural sound. It’s not a huge difference, we thought the 2014 Studio Wireless sounded good but it’s noticeable says

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Beats sound is well known for bass bloat, but on the studio wireless that’s a thing of past. These are relatively well-balanced headphones. There’s plenty of bass but it’s not empowering or boomy.
The stepped up in noise canceling is more visible. Beats new proprietary noise-canceling technology, which it’s calling Pure Adaptive Noise Canceling or Pure ANC, is constantly monitoring your environment and calibrates and noise canceling to the sound around you, whether it’s plane, train, resturant or wind noise.
Beats says the W1 chip is what allows the adaptive noise canceling to be always monitoring the world without draining the battery. The headphone works well as a headset for making calls. As you’re taking, you can hear your voice in the headphones, which keeps you from talking too loudly. That’s awesome.