Activating Your Potentials With Goal-setting

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We all have potentials. We are all capable of producing extraordinary results in one area or the other. And many people know this. But very few have been able to tap into their potentials to produce extraordinary results. This is mostly because of a lack of value for the skill of goal-setting. The few that succeed to reach their potentials have mastered how to use goal-setting to put their potentials to productive use and convert them to successful results. Successful people are intensely goal-oriented. They are very clear and specific about what they want to achieve in their lives. They unlock their unused potentials by setting realistic but challenging goals. Goal-setting for them is a means to an end. It is actually more about becoming a better version of themselves. By setting new goals and working towards them, they are able to produce high levels of results consistently. You too can drastically improve your life and results through goal-setting. It is essential for your success to learn and develop the skill of goal-setting. By practicing goal-setting, you will  activate your untapped potentials, sharpen your focus and increase the quality of results that you have in your life. 

Develop Absolute Clarity

 Successful people always begin with the end in mind. They know exactly what they want to achieve, when they want to achieve it and what to do to achieve it. They have specific goals for their income, career, business, family, health, etc. The practice of setting goals drives you to develop greater clarity about the results you expect in the different departments of your life. You will develop a greater level of precision and sharpness about how you live your life. You will also have a greater sense of purpose and learn to use your time meaningfully in pursuit of your most important goals. 

Activate your subconscious mind

 After conceiving your goals with clarity, you cannot leave them in your imagination. You need to write them down. According to research, only about 3 percent of adults have written goals. And these are the most successful people in every field. The very act of writing your goals down programs it into your subconscious mind. Once programmed into your subconscious mind, your goal takes on a power of its own. Your subconscious mind begins to work around the clock on this goal and begins to guide you rapidly towards the achievement of this goal. This happens because your subconscious mind would have been trained to help you recognize opportunities and possibilities around you that will aid the accomplishment of your goals. 

Maximize your focus

 Once you are absolutely clear about the results you want to achieve in your life and have them written down where you can see them everyday, your efforts towards achieving those goals will be properly focused. You sharpen your focus when you set correct goals and write them down. Even the best marksman will struggle to shoot at a target in a fog. With a stronger focus, you increase your chances of reaching your goals and unlocking more of your potentials. 

Achieve faster results

 When you start setting clear, specific and time-based goals for every area of your life and you begin to work towards them the best way you know how, chances are that you will achieve those goals faster than you expected. This is because by setting goals with a deadline, you increase your ability to recognize opportunities and avoid distractions. Also, having well-defined goals will increase your ability to concentrate on the most important tasks that are vital to achieving your goals faster. Becoming committed to your goals makes you live like you are on a mission. And you will agree that anyone on a mission gets to his destination faster than one without a mission. 

Grow your potential

 You don’t know what you are truly capable of until you begin to set realistic but challenging goals for every area of your life. Goals have a way of waking the sleeping potentials in you. When you set your goals in steps, higher than your previous results, and you stretch yourself to learn and work towards those goals, you begin to realize more of your potentials faster than you ever thought possible. You can unlock your potentials in any given area and grow it to another level by setting new goals. 

Set and achieve your goals

 You need to take action now and begin to set goals that will activate your potentials and inspire you to become and achieve more. The following tips should help you: 1. Know what you want, when you want it and learn what it takes to achieve it. To do this will require a certain degree of self-awareness. You have to be in touch with your current level of knowledge and results. 2. Set performance and activity goals.While it is important to set goals for your end results, you should also set activity goals in the direction of your desired results. If you want to secure a high paying job, you should set goals on the professional skills and knowledge you need to acquire to secure that dream job. 3. Write your goals down.This is very important. Write your goals where you can see them and review them regularly. 4. Commit to your goals.Keep reviewing your goals. Read them to your hearing, talk about your goals, visualize yourself achieving your goals and take action with persistence in the direction of your goals. 


 Success is very predictable and one of the habits that guarantees that you will achieve your potentials successfully is goal-setting. You will begin to live by design and not by default. It’s time to take a pen and a journal to design your future by setting correct goals for yourself.

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Head of content at Sagefour. He is interested in: Technology, Media, Startups, Education and Africa.

Clinton Ukachukwu

Head of content at Sagefour. He is interested in: Technology, Media, Startups, Education and Africa.


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