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Sagefour is an edtech company that is passionate about redefining the learning experience in Africa.

Sagefour was created by young people for young people.

We believe that young people are not lazy by nature, they only lack access to quality education, powerful inspiration, relevant opportunities and valuable support to maximize their potentials.




The future of Africa lies in its young people. But these people are not being adequately prepared for this extremely competitive global economy. Young people should not be left to navigate their journey as students, professionals and entrepreneurs on their own.

That’s why we are committed to providing relevant educational content for students, young professionals and budding entrepreneurs. Also, we promote enterprise and creativity amongst young people. And we provide technology-driven educational products, tools and support services.

We are E.P.I.C and we are committed to delivering E.P.I.C value.

Sagefour Core Values


We care genuinely for young people and always strive to identify with them.


We are intensely results-oriented and we approach this with a growth mindset. We expect things to get better.


We strive to comply with the best ethical standards and conduct business in a way that is honest and sustainable.


We ask for help and we give help. We value diversity and we believe that the best work is done in an atmosphere of friendship and team work. We work well together.

Here's how we deliver our value:


We provide you with valuable information that will equip you for better results as a student, professional and entrepreneur.



We give voice to your creativity and enterprise. We’d help you discover your brand and provide you with vital support services to scale.


We share success stories and content to help fuel your hunger to do more.


We link you with opportunities for academic, career and entrepreneurial advancement.

We are simply an edtech brand for young people providing information and tools that will help you reach your potentials.

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