Happy Wednesday!!

We promised to blow your minds up with our content this year and it’s exactly what we are doing.

Every Wednesday from today, we will be putting up your favorite fashionista’s. Those featured will be picked from the poll conducted on the authors Instagram story every Tuesday @pettitesize.

Every week, we will have;

Five (5) celebrities ( male and female)

Two (2) teenage fashionistas (male and female)

For today, from the poll our features are as follows:



Sharon is an actress and her wardrobe is a goal to many young girls.Sharon is known as an Ankara style plug. Her skin seems to go with every colour on the colour wheel. Sharon shows that you can stay hot while being decent. Her Instagram handle is @Sharonooja check her out to see for yourself. she has been featured in top notch style pages on instagram like Bellanaija. In the poll, she got a 98%yes and 2% no. Is Sharon your style plug and fashionista?? Let’s know your answer in the comment session.


Nancy!!! Your favorite TV host .. Nancy is also an actress and a TV host of the popular trending show on Hip TV. Apart from the fact that her body is that of a goddess, her dress sense and colour combination is out of this world. Her shoes!!!! Don’t sleep on them. Nancy is known with her signature golden hair cut. She is your plug for any type of outfit whatsoever. Check out her Instagram page @nancyisimeofficial.Nancy got an 85% yes and a 15% no in the poll.We love Nancy and she deserves this feature..Do you think so?? Let’s know what you think in the comment session.


Talk style!! Talk taste!! Talk class!! Talk blow offs!! Talk body!! Talk fittings!! Talk beauty!! Talk CHARLOTTE!!! Charlotte is a fashion and lifestyle blogger and your outfit plug ..Especially your casuals and extreme classics. Charlotte has a great taste and her colour combinations and outfit combinations are out of this world. Check her out yourself @charliekamale on instagram. If she’s dosent inspire anything else you wear after that..Recheck your taste. Charlotte got 85% Yes and 15% no in our polls.. Rate her in our comment .


Vintage and class are my tags for Too Fierce her gram @Toofierce1 couldn’t make me agree less. She is an overflow of mind blowing styles And to be honest if I could have another’s wardrobe for a day I will definitely want hers. Too fierce is definitely a style inspiration and a fashionista. She is an amazing travel, fashion and lifestyle blogger.She got an 80%yes and a 20%no. Rate her in our comment.


Beverly is one person whose style is to die for.And her plus is that she’s is melanin. Judging from her page, she should be your plug for neutral colour mix. She is also a popular actress. Follow her up on her gram @beverly_Osu to see for yourself. Beverly scored 75% yes and 25%no in our polls.Did she deserve a feature?? Let’s know in our comment session.





Alex with over 1.6million followers on instagram and tags from top notch pages was voted as the number 1 male celebrity fashion plug of the week. Apart from being a model, Alex I also an actor.He is known for his great taste in suits and cultural attires. Alex got a 100% Yes the highest in our poll for the week. Check out his Instagram page @alexxekubo.


If ADEKUNLE didn’t win in the polls it would have been a problem.Ade has  great taste. He goes cultural and vintage almost all the time. Apart from his mind blowing music his fashion taste will blow you off too. Ade is the fashion input to many boys judging from the polls. He got 98% yes and 2%no. His handle isn’t @adekunlegold on instagram.He deserves this feature.


BANKOLE who is a great musician is known for his cut-size suits. BANKOLE is also known for his skin cut hair and his mind blowing beards.Bankole is a plug for classics but lately he has been noticed with more culturals which is he killing it with. Check him out @bankywellington on the gram. BANKOLE isn’t currently running for the lagos state House of roads. He is a Fashion plug..He got a 95% yes and a 5% no.


Falz the Bahd Guy as he is popularly known is not just a Lawyer, he is a musician and an actor as well. falz has also been identified as an amazing fashionista with great taste. He is known for his cut-size suits and jumpy trousers with his round glasses to go. He is the president of the Sweet Boys Association and in all honesty his fashion taste couldn’t say a NO!! Falz is a model to many young boys as his taste as described by one of them in the dms “NA DIE” Falz got a 92% yes and 8% no.


EBUKA a Tv host and a presenter.A lawyer and a writer is known for his award winning agbada since Banky W’s wedding. He has remained top of the male celebrity fashion chart and has stayed that way for a while. EBUKA has a classic fashion taste and his love for culturals cannot be overemphasized. He got a 90% yes and a 10% No. check him out @ebuka on the gram.

So guys.. it is what it isn’t our choice celebrities for the week. Do you agree?? Let’s know you’re reaction in the comment session.

To round off for today will Ben our choice teenage fashionistas for the week . They are


ETOROABASI popularly known as Judah is a Law student at Babcock Univeristy. Etoro is also a YouTuber too who does fashion lookbooks on her channel.(Judahlooks). Etoro has over 24 thousand followers on her Instagram page. Check her out @kiing_judah1. Etoro has every female teenagers choice taste. To her it means a lot to be comfortable in your own skin.Congrats on being featured❤️.


Feyi is a popularly known instagrammer. A model and a fashionista. Feyi is known for all types of dressing Styles.Feyi is also a Jumia influencer and a student in the prestigious University of Ibadan. Feyi is an amazing stylist and to him fashion is who you are. He has over 11 thousand followers on his Instagram saying a yes to that. Check him out @_feyistan on Instagram. Congratulations on being featured ❤️.


Here is to the end of our fashion inspirations. Let’s know in the comments if they deserved the  feature or not. Don’t forget to check them out, criticize and let us know what you think and don’t forget to share a response too. See you in our Friday update.

❤️A Nicholas Girl.











Author: A Nicholas Girl