WHICH IS YOUR FAVORITE ?? Different Dress Codes!!!

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A very Happy New Year to you all !! Have an amazing 2019.

We apologize for late updates.We promise to be more active this year.

To flag off the SageFour Fashion Blog this year will be the diverse dress codes we have.

Apparently there are two broad types..

1. Contemporary Dress Code

2. The Cultural Dress Code.

Everyone in the present day world more or less go with the contemporary styles.So I will start from there…

Breaking down the contemporary we have…


This has to be a favorite.. Everyone has atleast one vintage item in their wardrobe. Vintage dressings most times do not really date back to the olden days.. There is a lot more to it this days and it’s a trend.. Many People love to go vintage most times because to them it’s lit.. Many Celebrities go vintage too.. The likes of Marilyn Monroe, Twiggy and most especially Coco Chanel. The male celebrities are not left out too, the likes of Halston, Oleg Cassini to mention but a few. Vintage dressings are in style and statistics have shown that it’s the top of the trend in recent times.


Everyone gets to Dress corporate atleast once in a while. Going to classes, going to work, going to church and even business meetings and cocktail dinners, calls for a corporate attire. The men/boys might not have a variety to choose from but ladies,women/girls really do. Dressing corporate comes with this aura of confidence and gross respect from people around you. A boss in an office keeps his bead high when he walks past with an amazing suit . That emblem just brings him respect at all cost. Have you ever gone corporate?? If you have never you should and don’t forget to thank me for how amazing you will look afterwards. Your corporate dressing plug can be any of this top two.


Going  casual has to be everything.The comfort you feel and the freedom is priceless. It’s also very easy to get done with. Trousers, tops,canvas,denim jackets, tees, polos and almost everything is a casual outfit.  You can dress casual everywhere and anywhere. I love to look casual do you?? Looking casual and being simple means a lot.. The good news is you can never casual and lit on a very low budget. You should try it..


There is just one to it and this one goes a long way. Ankara is the one thing everyone should have. You can sew a lot with it. Dresses, trousers, tops, shirts and so much more. The good thing about Ankara is that it’s Unisex and everyone can own it at a time. Ankara goes for family outfits, Asoebi, groups of friends also plan together and sew styles and look lit in Ankara. It’s our constant reminder of Africanist. Show me one person that doesn’t own an Ankara in his or her closet and I will show you a dog that doesn’t bite.


Which is your favorite.??? Personally it’s  a hard nut to crack choosing between Vintage code and casuals. Let me know yours in the comment box.

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I can’t wait for the Wednesday update.

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Author: A Nicholas Girl