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You may or may not have read a fashion blog before. You may be an under dresser or an over dresser. You may be wishing to slay the most but your funds limit you. Your answers are all hete☺️☺️. Reading out fashion blog will provide your answers to WHAT SHOULD I WEAR??..

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  1. ……… So basically everyone owns a wardrobe and most often than not we complain that we do it have what to wear. This is simply because we lack the essentials for our wardrobes. In today’s post, I will be highlighting 10 essentials for a wardrobe. But for today we will highlight just 5. In no particular order though.. Let’s begin……

1. *POLO* *SHIRTS* :
I made this the first cause honestly, it is everything.. Normally, it is what I settle for during my bad wardrobe days.. Apart from the fact that it is overly comfortable, you can look smart in it, hot in it, stylish in it, you can even send messages through it.. Now here is the thing, it is important to own a polo in your wardrobe.. It could be white or black, plain or graphical.
This is because you can wear polos with your skirts, trousers or shorts. You can tuck it in, tie it to whatever style or even wear it as it is.
I will like to call polos the life saving clothe. Trust me.. it is a choice, at every point in time.
You would agree with me that your polo is an easy to throw wear and also on days you are indecisive like I usually I’m most times.. It keeps saving you… Weather you are an over dresser or an under dresser ( You will understand the distinction between both in subsequent post), you admit that you have your polo days.
The great thing about polos is that they are available for purchase everywhere and are really affordable too.
Where to find polo: in the market, thrift stores, malls, and if you are the online shopper, you can get if from any of your Favourite online stores….
How ever you acquire it … Just get it …
Own a Polo shirt today and let me know if you will regret the money spent to get it…


I love to wear a jacket. Apparently Javkets to me are very cozy and everyone just has to own one. Jackets are your life savers on days where a portion of your clothe gets damaged and it was really like a last option.Jackets are worn along side singlets, over sleeveless dresses or tops, over bralets or inner wears. Jackets are comfortable too and most times depending on your look for the day, they complete it. Jackets cover you up and to me they are necessary. There is also this courage that jackets comes with this aura of pride and the fact that you are set to go. Jackets can be distressed(I.e ripped) or it can be all normal. You can style your jackets to your taste, you can colour splash your name or your favorite characters or your Favourite quotes. You can also style your jackets with fur or Ankara. Every wardrobe needs a Jacket cause you might never know which day you need it.. Jackets are available in thrift stores, the market or any online stores.

3. Button Up/ Button Down shirts: You might be wondering why your wardrobe needs this, but To Be Very Honest, I only found out why when I was making my research for this post. So really it’s ok for you to get confused😊😊. Button up/down shirts are usually the best to style easily. It could be tied up to stay as cropped, buttoned mid way, tucked into a skirt or shorts and trousers, sometimes, it even passes as a jacket. Button up/down shirt isn’t sometimes what is commonly known as a boyfriend shirt. It could be vintage, flowery, stripped but hardly ever plain. Every wardrobe needs it, cause you might never know what day you will need it.

4.DENIM SKIRT: Every girl needs a denim skirt in her wardrobe . Be it long, shirt, midi, distressed, plain, zip up, button up etc. Denim skirts are easy to wear and to me its an ok choice for outings, parties, hangs, to church , you name it. The exciting thing about denim skirts is that it goes with any outfit whatsoever. You can wear denim skirt with your polo shirts, your denim jackets and even your button up and down shirts. You can also wear denim skirts with singlets and bralets. Denim skirts are essentials specifically in every girls wardrobe. It is usually an ok choice on days you are indecisive on what to wear. If it’s missing in your wardrobe trust me you need to go shopping!!!

5. DENIM TROUSERS: Everyone definitely needs this. Scratch beliefs, trousers have to be the most comfy things in the world. Apart from the fact that it’s my bad wardrobe days quick choice, trousers are absolutely cool to wear and you look amazing in them. Everyone needs at least one trouser in their wardrobe. This is because it’s a quick choice anytime any day. Trousers are readily available in the market, online shops or thrift stores. The good thing about trousers is that it’s available for both boys girls. You can wear trousers with any kind of top or shirt and look amazing on it.There is no such things as you have so many trousers. You can also have part from denim, palazzo trousers, corporate trousers etc.

So basically, I will end the first post today with the first five essentials to continue with the next five in the next post. I hope this post was of help to you and helped you realize what your wardrobe really needs and of course even re-write your shopping list.

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Author: A Nicholas Girl