Q&A  session with the acting chairman of Faculty Presidents


Question: The state of the male hostel is very bad, what can be done about this?

Answer: I stayed in the hostel and I still stay in the hostel but that particular question is not in my jurisdiction.

Question: As we resume lecture and classes, are we to register our courses manually or online?

Answer: I am sure you were given admit cards when you paid your fees and that is what you will present to your lecturer and concerning the online registration; it might take some time due to ICT problems but you will be required to do that before the exam.

Question: My question is on the compulsory acquisition of laptops. What of some of us that already have one? Is it possible that we will soon start taking lectures online?

Answer: The SUG tried its best to make it optional but to no avail and as for having two laptops, it might benefit your family in that your younger ones can use the other ones. Concerning having lectures online, I don’t think that will be possible anytime soon in UNN but you never know… UNN is full of surprises.




We have a presentation seminar to present this afternoon and we hope you’ll benefit greatly from it. The seminar is titled YOUTH EMPOWERMENT AND NATION BUILDING. Every youth is a star. The youthful period is the prime of life. Channeling all this energy rightly is the purpose of this seminar.

Who is a youth and what are the attributes of a youth?

The period between childhood and old age is the period of youthfulness. It has been proven that what you do with your youthful age is what you will spend the rest of your life doing.

What is Empowerment?

Empowerment is a management practise of sharing information.
You cannot do anything unless you choose to do it with your mind. Empowerment is all about recreating your mind. As youths, we should not depend on the government for everything. We should be able to crate new ideas and make sure you act on it.


As a youth, you should know to build your family, build your community, Build your nation and build that which will last forever.

Benefits Of the Raffle Draw:

Payment of hostel fees through out their stay in school and given the opportunity to travel to Abuja and visit the House of assembly.

The Winners of The Raffle Draw

E Ifeoma (BCH)
Umeh Amah
Only ladies???

Emmanuel Okechukwu Oti (President Christian Love International )

I am a strong advocate of Gender equality so please permit me to call on the reverend sister to join me on the high table.
I was born in Nsukka to a family of 10 (5 boys and 5 girls). When we were bought shirts, we were not bought trouser and vise versa.
We ate meat only at the end of the month when my dad was paid his salary.
There was something I did then that i would like for all of you to do. I purposed in my heart that I would not be poor. I want you as youth to have a relationship with God.
Live righteously for righteousness exalts a nation while sin is a reproach.Whatsoever you want to be in life, make up your mind now. Early marriage is profitable. I married early and I would like to advice you to do the same.
All that matters today is skill, without it you will be lost.

Everyone wants to have power, either to better the life of others or to maintain their status.

Mr. Ugwu Obinna (Representing the Speaker house of reps. Enugu)

The speaker is unavoidably absent due to the impromptu meeting with the Governor of Enugu State.

General Manager of Grace Manor Hotels (Representing Prince Emeka Nwamma)

There is no success without God
You must sacrifice, have mentors, build on your gift. You can’t give what you don’t have.

My message from the prince is that he has you people at heart and he will do all he can to empower not just the youths of UNN bt of Nsukka as a whole.

Making a Greeting Card with a Cardboard



Interview with the Director of ICT:

Q: What do you think about the event?
A: The event is a welcomed development. It is quite encouraging to see where youths are being empowered. I think the Nigerian youths need programs of this manner where they will come and learn things that will empower them to become better persons in the society.
Q: We know about the current predicament in the school where students login to apply for hostels and are told that all rooms have been allocated. What can the ICT do to resolve this issue?
A: I am not aware of that, I am just hearing of it for the first time but all the same if I am to contribute as an ICT professional, I will say that the Internet Providers should come around and check their equipments and how the settings are. I believe that would go a long way to solve that issue or if they should call in better hands, I think it will also help.
Q: We know that the Vice Chancellor is not around and that Tenece is the Internet Service Provider for UNN but there is an additional charge in the school fees and when we try to generate the invoice for the charge, it does not work and  some people are not able to pay their school fees because of this. I believe this is an ICT problem.
A: As for the V.C not being here, the organizers of the program should be able to say more on that and as for the students paying more than they are supposed to pay, they are supposed to pay in the bank and use the login pin to pay the school fees online. A for the problem , I think the school authorities should have more to say on that.

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