“men and women believe in luck; wise, strong men and women believe in cause and effect.” This is a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, a popular writer. One man believes in favor and miracles, another believes in luck, fate and destiny. They might want to take a break from all the work just to wait things out while God, nature or fate can take its course. When then are we just being plain lazy? When have we done enough to justify entering a phase where we are preserving our energy for when the big break happens?

Sometime ago, I sat and thought hard on the state of my life. I thought about the one time I could have sold a song for quite a lot of money. I remember thinking “This could be the start of something great,” but then I chickened out because “It did not feel quite right.” Or the other time I got an opportunity to co-anchor at a radio station, I was elated! But I never showed up. By the time I was to resume, a lot of fears had crept in, I was so sure I would be bad at it. It was with a great sense of regret that I realized a few things.

Myriads of opportunities are available in the world every blessed day. Whether by nature or a supernatural force, every moment round the world, there are voids that need to be filled up. You miss one, another comes. The crazy thing is that these opportunities go round! The one you miss or reject will most likely be grabbed with wide arms by another person and there is a mighty chance that the opportunity you grabbed was rejected or missed by another person. It’s a circle! I personally believe that God has predesigned the world to be this way so instead of praying for already programmed favours and miracles, we should be at alert for these opportunities going around. Of course, that’s just me.
Could the problem be our ignorance, pride or fear of an unknown future? Let’s see an example. Dara has a beautiful voice that can move even the toughest heart to tears. She is persuaded by a friend to sing at a small gig and to not mind she wouldn’t be paid as she’s just starting out. Dara refuses on the grounds that she cannot “not be paid when she’d be the only thing giving life to the event.” Oh loves, do you smell pride in that argument? Moving on, Dara’s friend-let’s say Mark- has another mediocre singing friend who might not be wow in singing but knows how to put on a good show regardless. This friend agrees, goes for it and pleases the little crowd with his amazing stage performance. Now, among this ‘pleased’ audience, is a renowned talent manager who only came there not to hunt for new talent, but to hang out with childhood friends. Do I need to continue the story?
Dr. Orison Swett Marden says “Opportunity is coy, is swift, is gone before the slow, the unobservant, the indolent or the careless can seize her.” What about the fear of an unknown future? Anais Nin couldn’t have said it any better “there came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”. Do you feel like you’ve done enough and are just sitting there waiting for rewards of labor? Will Rogers says “Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there.” You need to do extra. Most times, the extra counts so much more than the others, so much that it makes the difference.
If your problem is mood and timing, then you should know to never depend on your mood. If you wait for the right moods and perfect conditions, you will probably never achieve anything. You need to condition your mind to work, work, work until you achieve something. If by now you still don’t get it, there is no such thing as “Energy Preserving” for us mortals. That is just a lazy and fearful excuse. “Work is man’s greatest function. He is nothing, can do nothing, achieve nothing, fulfil nothing without working.” – J. M. Cowan.
The regret of not doing enough or missing out on opportunities is not worth our peace of mind so can we now make a promise to ourselves that the next time we feel like there is nothing more to do, we would check around for opportunities. If we find none, we would go over what we’ve done, look for more to do not forgetting to live a little but always getting right back to work while we wait for our chances to come because this is how great men and women are made. This is how miracles happen.

Author: Ona