The Laws of Attraction: Getting What You Want (Pt1)

Attraction is a force or power that draws forth a response. It is also the relationship that exists between things or persons that are naturally or involuntary drawn together. The law of attraction is the secret that governs the universe irrespective of the background or ethnicity. This is the one law that affects everyone in the world and their outcome in life, however, very few people know about this law and its effect on their lives. The few that knows about it, refer to it in different context and names such as Faith, Talent or Luck.

According to the words of Bob Proctor, a Philosopher, you are attracted to everything coming into your life and it is attracted to you by virtue of the images in your mind which are your thoughts. This is the reason 10% of the population amass the wealth of 90% of the population as this law includes the genesis of entrepreneurship. Hence, you become what you think about most and also attract what you think about most i.e. Thoughts Become Things. So focus on what you want and not what you don’t want as constant thought of negative things (things you don’t want) creates an attraction to it.

The process to achieve this is to teach or train your mind to have positive thoughts. However, it is difficult to do this every day as bad situations are inevitable in life. Hence, the reality is, a positive thought is 100% more powerful than a negative thought, so constantly think positively as your thoughts shape your mind and your mind shapes you.
Dr. Joe Vitale, a Physician, said each thought has a frequency which is constantly being emitted into the universe. The feedback mechanism of whether you are on track with your thoughts and the universe is your feelings or emotions as whatever you are feeling is a perfect reflection of what is in the process of becoming.

By law of attraction, happy feeling will attract more situation or people or circumstances that will sustain that feeling or make your dreams (thoughts) a reality. So what you think and feel is what would be manifested.

There are productive and simple ways to applying this law and the first step is deciding what you want through your thoughts. Believe you can have it and that you deserve it. Close your eyes each day and visualize having it for when you visualize, you materialize.
Learn to imagine as imagination is stronger than words and is also the preview of life’s coming attraction. And when you come out of your imagination, be grateful for what you have (develop an attitude of gratitude). Go about your day and release that feeling and trust that the universe will figure out how to manifest it or provide answers.

Most people have not allowed themselves to desire what they want because they don’t believe it’s possible or not sure of how it would manifest, hence, in order to receive, you need to take the first step in faith, even if you can’t see the whole staircase. There are no limitations with the universe but we who define or limit ourselves.

Finally, people offer a majority of their thoughts in response to what they are observing or seeing. For instance, when looking at what is (rejection letters, debts, etc.) then you’re constantly thinking about what is, hence, the universe will give you more of what is (more bills, rejection letters etc.) and the cycle goes on. Therefore, change your mindset and don’t define yourself with your current state of affairs as that is who you were and not who you are.

Name: Sandra Ezidinwa
School: Keele University (Recently Graduated)
Discipline: Computer Science 

Author: Chinedu Ukoh