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Coral awards press conference called by the organization LEVELS NG (official organizers of the coral awards), was a step to inform the general public about the current position of the Coral Awards.
The conference held at the Olakunle Soriyan Company, Ikeja, with the media present to ensure publicity of whatever happened inside the conference room.Also during the coral award press conference , the Ceo Mr. Olakunle Soriyan Company was present, also present were the Ceo Levels Ng in the person of Mr. Paschal Okwundu , Ceo Sesewa in the person of Mrs. Kunbi Adeoye and the Inspirational 92.3 FM’s very own Rufai Oseni, also from levels ng we had present Mr. Christian.
Discussed in the conference were matters relating to the execution and kick-off of the coral awards activities.
Mr. Olakunle Soriyan ( first from the left in the photo)

Coral awards is inspired by the fact that opportunities to succeed are not readily available to every young person. With the coral awards such opportunities would indeed be available and appreciated.
The idea of the coral awards is that which terminates the hold of the fancy cars on the young as a drive and inspiration for life.
The goal of the coral awards is to align the young people with the success of nature.

Mr. Paschal Okwundu

The coral awards is organized to grant youths a common ground to succeed.
To give Nigeria a better description than the most populous country, the most corrupt country and the country with most inefficient government.
The coral awards is going to be more than just an event but it shall become a movement.

Mrs. Adekunbi Adeoye

She took a little time to go through her entrepreneurship history.
She said as at her 200 level at school ( Obafemi Awolowo University), she switched from Philosophy department to Law department. At this time of her life she engaged in petty businesses that were able to double her pocket money.
She also noted that as at that time, she realized that the country as a whole and the businesses in it had no plans for her whatsoever.
The platform is going to be a perfect one to showcase youths with innovative ideas.

The session for questions from the public and answers from the organizers came, here’s how it went.

Question 1:

When is the Coral.  Awards starting?
Answer: Mid April: Banners for Nominations.
Mid May: Screening of Nominees.
End of May: Screening ends.
June (still tentative): Gala for semi-finalists and finals.
Platforms would be put in place in order to create a transparent process.

Question 2:

What next After the Awards?
Answer: After the Awards, the finalists are going to enjoy the opportunity of airing that ideas and having them sponsored.
Mentoring programs for winners.
Getting to meet and interact with other people that matter in the society.
The semi-finalists are going to enjoy internship placements by the Sesewa Company.

Question 3:

What are the solutions available as regards difference in curriculums of schools?
Answer: Knowing that there is no way to align the Nigerian University curriculum, Platforms would be put in place to check this the best possible way.
Pray for a suitable curriculum (laughs*).

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Questions 4:

Please simplify the nomination process?
Answer: You can be nominated by anyone including yourself, and you can nominate anyone too.
To control amount of entries, systems are being programmed to accept very limited amount of entry for and from a particular individual.

More photos after the question and answer session are below;




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