Brand Stories: Sisi Adire

Let’s just imagine that life is a puzzle. Every person is assigned a piece that does not necessarily resemble the next one. Yet, it all must fit at the end.

Well, things did not seem quite fit for Moyosade after her secondary school education. Before any hope to further her education would come she watched a whole year stretch before her eyes. A decision had to be made: whether she would be satisfied watching the clock tick, tick and tick for the next 365 days, waiting on a miracle or if she would just make some other move while waiting on her miracle. Moyosade chose the second option and her eyes were opened to the beauty ADIRE (tie and dye). SISI ADIRE was born and the cooolooours… the miiixturees… the craaaafft… all seemed to create a melody she wanted to sing in the modern language…

ADIRE shows you who you are.
It reminds you of the BEGINNING.
It shows you HERITAGE.
It brings you closer to NATURE.
And it is still growing the NAIRA…

Going to the university made much sense now. When the opportunity came, SISI ADIRE was already a lifestyle. Moyosade found out that her designs can help build a personality that speaks to people. ‘There are no restrictions with design.’ she said. It has already become a craft of essence.

… Just Step Into A Room With SISI ADIRE…

Ademiluyi Moyosade,
Obafemi Awolowo University.

Author: Lawal Tomi

Tomi is a recent graduate of English at the University of Lagos. As a trainee at Ready Set Work 2018, she has a passion for promoting employability and entrepreneurship. She believes in investing in people.