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AMAZING LOVE !! You see, sometimes I ask myself “What’s the true definition of Love? Is it what you feel when you see a guy with abs… or what you feel for a Lady with a beautiful curve?”

You know the Bible says: God is Love.
So like a mathematician, I could borrow some mathematical equation and say “If God equals Love, then what did you do with that lady when no one was around?… Did you make God?
That’s my question.
So what then is Love? An option?
Okay…let’s put this on a scale of balance so you’ll get to know what to choose if you had the chance.
Earthly love after a few months says “its over” but God’s Love lasts forever
Earthly love says the sun sets even in paradise but God’s Love says “I’ll break the ice”
Yes, you may have someone in this world who could love you for real but God’s Love is the only one Ideal.
The world will love you for your makeup cause they feel one is never beautiful enough so you got to make your beauty up. But you see, God takes you as you are, in fact His Love lifts you up, makes you spotless without a scar. He cleans you up. This is why I chose this Love that is so amazing. A Love so cool, so warm and embracing. A Love that is always there no matter the trials you are facing.
The greatest Lover of all time gave out His son for us, left our sins nailed to the cross so there could be hope for those who are lost. Don’t you think He deserves an applause?
Bread of Life kissed my nostrils and I came alive and when I die in Christ, He’ll bring me back to life. He spreads His arm saying “come unto me you who are heavy laden, I am always willing to make your hearts gladdened. My Yoke is easy and light is my burden, your face will never be saddened as long as your heart is not hardened.”
You see, the world has transferred to hot from pretty, they see you as sexy instead of your beauty. So many ears inclined to sin making many hearts the devils waste bin.
My eyes have seen, my ears have heard. Listen to this one thing:
There is always someone who loves us better. Someone who is always willing to take us back whenever. Our being alive is to replicate the love of the father.
His love is patient and slow to anger. If you look at your neighbor, just see Love. If they’ve provoked you, let your anger dissolve.

Let all of your problems with Love be solved because above all, the greatest gift is Love!

Author: akpanpromise


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