2 Things To Do TO Earn Your Client’s Trust

There is a saying that one only gets to make an impression just once. Well, I would like to say that if that impression is not sustained, there will be a problem. You don’t want a situation whereby your clients begin to leave you for someone else at some point in your business. Therefore, here are two ways that you can definitely keep your client stuck to you for as long as you desire:


One thing you want to avoid is to promise and fail. As an entrepreneur, do not make a promise than you cannot deliver. Be careful enough to be truthful about the time it will take you to get your product (s) ready. For example, there is a caterer who does not have any employee. What she does is to add a tiny detail on her website; which is to make sure to order for cakes at least a week before it is needed.
You could also deliver before the actual date proposed as long as your client will be happy with it. The whole idea is, do not exceed the time you have promised. RESPECT their time.


It is important that you do not feel too comfortable about how good your business is going that you forget that you need to improve on whatever you have. When you can always discover something new about your line of business and present it as a task made easier, your clients would be assured that working with you is no mistake. They will also be made to believe that you have them in mind.
I was incredibly surprised when imdomie decided to introduce the belle full pack of noodles. It was then I realized that they actually have all the sizes that can fit any degree of hunger- the little size, super pack, hungry-man size and now the belle full size. Life is not static, so you shouldn’t be too.

Author: Lawal Tomi

Tomi is a recent graduate of English at the University of Lagos. As a trainee at Ready Set Work 2018, she has a passion for promoting employability and entrepreneurship. She believes in investing in people.